With Build & Play, the children are in charge which is what they love, they aren’t behind a desk they use their brain to create anything they want, nothing is impossible or wrong when it comes the B&P sessions.

After School Coordinator at Milagro Centre in Delray Beach

My most memorable events in my childhood were spent outside and in the company of friends playing and exploring and from dawn to dusk. Today I see children in front of screens or taking tests at such a young age that they seem to miss the opportunity to just enjoy themselves. I hope events such as Build and Play will reinforce the importance of bringing play back into the forefront of our children’s lives and allow them to enjoy awesome wonder of the world around us.

Mahesh N., Parent

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In October 2019, SPI received funding from Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach to launch Build & Play After School, an enrichment program that encourages children to create, build, and PLAY with loose parts (open-ended materials). The hallmark of our program is giving children the freedom, space and time to engage in child-initiated creative play. The … Continue reading SPI launches Build & Play @ Home Initiative

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