What a great time Purpose Academy students had when Build & Play came out. I was amazed at how middle schoolers could be so creative and have so much fun with simple resources. Our students have been asking over and over if we are going to do it again. Such a great opportunity for the kids. It was so much fun to watch them and see all the different ways they came up with using the materials they had.

Rori P., Principal at Purpose Academy

With Build & Play, the children are in charge which is what they love, they aren’t behind a desk they use their brain to create anything they want, nothing is impossible or wrong when it comes the B&P sessions.

After School Coordinator at Milagro Centre in Delray Beach

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SPI launches Build & Play @ Home Initiative

In October 2019, SPI received funding from Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach to launch Build & Play After School, an enrichment program that encourages children to create, build, and PLAY with loose parts (open-ended materials). The hallmark of our program is giving children the freedom, space and time to engage in child-initiated creative play. The … Continue reading SPI launches Build & Play @ Home Initiative

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