SPI brings their Pop-Up Build & Plays to local after school groups

In November 2019, SPI launched their Build & Play After School program at Pine Grove Elementary, Milagro Center, and Farmworkers Coordinating Council of Palm Beach. On a weekly basis, the program supplies loose parts materials and play counselors who supervise the children’s play, set up and clean up while each school/after school center provides an open outside space for the Build & Play and elementary-aged children to participate. 

Since its launch, Build and Play After School has been well received at all sites, and there are plans to grow and offer the program to more after school centers throughout Palm Beach County.  Through child-initiated creative play, children show us again and again their creativity, imagination, ability to work with others and joy.    

Play counselor, Rouslange sets up boxes and loose parts for the 1st Build & Play at Pine Grove
Children tinkering with boxes and tape. They can build anything….
Children playing with STEAM materials
“It’s an elevator that goes to 10 floors” – Student from Milagro
“It’s a unicorn make up box for my sister” – Student from Milagro

Build and Play After School is the recipient of the 2019 Great Ideas Initiative Grant and is funded by Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach and Sunflower Creative Arts.

One thought on “SPI brings their Pop-Up Build & Plays to local after school groups

  1. I am continually amazed at the creations of children! It brings me right back to my own childhood – there was nothing I loved more than uninterrupted time to create and invent. Sometimes I played alone and other times with friends/family – so much joy, experimentation and learning in the process. Thank you for this update, Simone!


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